We are facing an extinction crisis in NSW.

More than 1000 animal and plant species are listed as threatened. Even our much-love koala is predicted to be extinct by 2050.

Habitat loss through land clearing, deforestation, development and the climate crisis are driving many of our most loved native species to the brink of extinction. 

It’s time to act.

We can stop extinction by protecting our public native forests from logging, restoring protections for native vegetation on private land, and transitioning to a net zero emissions economy by 2040. 

Right now the NSW Liberal/National Government is allowing the wholesale destruction of our precious biodiversity. That has to stop.

Will you join our campaign to stop extinction?


Pygmy Possum

Furry grey brown with a creamy pale underbelly and a long curled tail, the Mountain Pygmy Possum is small enough to be cupped in your palm. Yet they are facing challenges to their survival from multiple fronts. Rising temperatures caused by climate change will cause significant changes to Alpine areas, reducing snow depth and hastening snow melt while they are in hibernation. A vital food source for the Mountain Pygmy Possum, Bogong Moths, has been declining alarmingly in recent years. Their habitat is also being destroyed by feral horses which are driving habitat loss in Kosciusko National Park.


Approximately 80% of koala habitat has been destroyed since colonisation. Land clearing is one of the leading threats facing koalas, and reports tell us that if current rates continue, koalas are on track to be extinct by 2050.

Spotted-Tail Quoll

Most Quolls are now only found in restricted areas which are isolated and don’t provide the space required to support long-term populations. The number of Spotted-Tail Quoll has been driven by the loss, fragmentation and degradation of suitable habitat, change in fire patterns and logging.


Start a local campaign

Is there a threat in your area to native species or habitat? Why not start a campaign. Get in touch with my office to find out how we can support your on the ground efforts.

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With 10,000 signatures on our petition to Stop Extinction, we can force debate in the Legislative Assembly. Get involved now and help make sure that we can’t be ignored.

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The government has no plan

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and her government have no plan to tackle the extinction crisis. We’re in the middle of a drought that’s been described as the worst in living memory, our rainforests have been ravaged by bushfires, and habitat loss from land clearing and native forest logging is threatening our species like never before.

Make your voice heard

We have a petition to call on the NSW government to to save threatened species habitat by ending logging of our public native forests, restoring protections for native vegetation on private land, and transitioning to a net zero emissions economy by 2040. We need your help to be heard. 

By collecting 10,000 signatures on a hard-copy petition, we can force a debate in the Legislative Assembly and the Premier and NSW government will be forced to pay attention. Download and print the petition now or contact my office and we’ll have some sent out to you.


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